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About Us

At Ram PC Systems, customer satisfaction is our number one goal
A satisfied customer often becomes a repeat customer and word of mouth from a satisfied client is the best and also least expensive advertising there is.

Our Mission
Our mission is to offer the highest quality custom-built computers and servers that will provide long life and stability to our customers in their mission critical applications. We strive to provide the fastest delivery and personalized customer support at a reasonable price. Ram PC Systems has been building high quality computers since 2007.  Each system is handcrafted in the USA.

Quality, Speed, & Low Prices
Ram PC has sold its solutions to corporations, universities and government entities all over the world.  Our computers, workstations and servers are used in all types of applications; Industrial and Manufacturing, Education, Medical and more.  Ram PC has solid ties with its suppliers, ensuring availability of the latest systems, technology, and components, in addition to outstanding low-price advantages helping us provide rapid delivery, and low prices.

Customers can rely on Ram PC to test our systems prior to shipment to ensure that systems are ready for use with 100% stability and up-time.  All of Ram PC systems are based on industry standard components from the top manufacturers such as: Intel, Seagate, Western Digital, Kingston and Asus

When you order from Ram PC you know our products our built with quality components, tested and 100% guaranteed.